Kansas Wesleyan University Student Center

Activity Center Addition and Renovation

2 Stories with 96,000 s.f.

Salina, Kansas


Not just a new student center, but a facility that will enhance participation in activities, improve students’ emotional well-being, reduce stress and help foster a sense of “community”. The new facility features state of the art classrooms and activity facilities. Its unique exterior window design and commons area makes it one of a kind.

Building Program: 2-storage tall commons with small stage and over-looking mezzanine, Performance Gymnasium with mezzanine seating, Practice Gymnasium, Post office, Book Store, Snack bar and Concession Stand, Kitchen with Storage and Dishwashing room, Gift Shop with storage and office, Team Locker Rooms, Referee Locker Rooms, Training Room, Sports Storage Room, Fitness Room, Weight Room, 4 classrooms, 19 offices, reception and waiting area near the offices, meeting room, conference room, Laundry, Restrooms, Storage, Mechanical and Electrical Rooms, 3 interior stairs, 1 elevator